Cuddington Golf Club Cuddington Golf Club
Banstead Road
Banstead SM7 1RD
Telephone: 020 8393 5850
Fax: 020 8786 7025
A mature, well laid-out parkland course, with USGA specification greens.
Hole one is a 521 yard par 5. Slightly downhill from the well raised tees, and a mild dogleg right. Keep left from the tee as a stand of trees pinches in at the corner, but not too far as there are some large grassy hollows along the left just off the fairway. The green has only one bunker, front right, but there are mounds both sides and around the back.

The second is the longest hole on the course, a 553 yard par 5. A more severe dogleg right than the first. It's quite wide from the tee, but there are two high faced bunkers centre left 200 yards or so out. There's one bunker on the left of the corner, and two more on the right as well as deep grassy hollows, making it tough to cut across the dogleg. The small green has two large bunkers right and falling ground to the left.

Hole three is a 442 yard par 4. Well downhill all the way from high tee boxes. There is a very wide, high faced bunker left of the fairway 100 yards from the green, so a long draw is in trouble. The green has just one bunker, front left, but is surronded by mounds and hollows, and falls off at the rear.

The fourth is a 168 yard par 4, well protected to the front and sides by large bunkers. There are mounds and hollows all around the green and the ground falls away steeply to the left.

Five is a short par 4 at 359 yards, but it's uphill and doglegs left. There's a large stand of trees left at the corner so you need a good drive to see the green. The two tier green is surrounded by bunkers, hollows and mounds, anything missing the green will be in trouble.

Hole six is a 449 yard par 4, quite a tight tee shot with two bunkers left and trees on the edge of the fairway to the right. The green is well protected, with two bunkers front right, a ridge all along the left and no room at the back.

The seventh is a 457 yard par 4. A slight dogleg left, from the tee all you can see are bunkers, there are two to the right to catch the push or fade and a whole string from the middle of the fairway angling away left to punish a pull or heavy draw. Precision is required here. Left of the fairway, 100 yards from the green is a huge hollow with a bunker and the green has a bunker either side and mounds all around.

Eight is a welcome par 3, 164 yards, with a massive depression in front of the green, a bunker either side and high ground at the back and to the right.

Hole nine, 365 yards par 4. From the tee there is a big bunker in front of you, slightly right and two more long and left. The raised, two tier, extremely undulating green, has a large bunker on the front right corner, mounds right and back, and falls of heavily left.

The tenth is a 397 yard par 4. Straight and downhill, the fairway slopes right to left, there is a continuous line of trees and OB along the righthand side so you need to keep to the high ground, but stay to far left and there is some very uneven ground. The green is narrow and undulating, with one bunker front right and deep hollows all around.

Eleven is a 140 yard par 3. The raised green is protected in front by a huge depression and a mean bunker. There's a bunker either side and mounds and hollows all round the green.

Hole twelve is a 530 yard par 5, dogleg right and the fairwar sloes left to right. There is a small bunker right from the tee and uneven ground off the fairway both sides. the narrow green has one small bunker and falling ground left, and a massive hollow right.

Hole thirteen is a 168 yard par 3. Slightly downhill hill to a very wide and slopey green, protected in front by a huge dip and three bunkers and mounds across the back.

The fourteenth is a tough 430 yard par 4. A right dogleg with a bunker on the right of the corner at about 240 yards making you go wide to have a shot at the narrow undulating green. the green is again well protected by a bunker either side and mounds and hollows all round.

Fifteen is the shortest par 4 at 358 yards. A sharp left dogleg with a bunker either side of the fairway. The heavily undulating green is tucked round the corner and protected by three bunkers and falling ground tothe rear.

Sixteen is the longest par 3 at 201 yards. This is a really tricky green with three bunkers around the front falling ground all round. The bunkers front left and side right are especially mean.

Hole seventeen is the shortest par 5 at 473 yards, but the fairway narrows halfway out and the raised two tier green is quite small and shallow, with a bunker front right and one more back left.

The eighteenth is a straight par 4 of 420 yards, but it's uphill all the way with a depression across the fairway halfway. There is a bunker short right and a green side bunker front left. The green is almost square with uneven ground all round.

Most of the bunkers are set in depressions and have high faces. The greens are excellent, but all are undulating and extremely difficult to read. The fairways are treelined and well grassed.
Hole White Par SI Red Par SI Hole White Par SI Red Par SI
1 521 5 11 452 5 11 10 397 4 10 352 4 10
2 553 5 7 467 5 7 11 140 3 18 122 3 18
3 442 4 3 392 4 3 12 530 5 4 477 5 4
4 168 3 15 148 3 15 13 168 3 16 145 3 16
5 359 4 5 312 4 5 14 430 4 2 349 4 2
6 449 4 13 407 5 13 15 358 4 18 327 4 18
7 457 4 1 434 5 1 16 201 3 14 144 3 14
8 164 3 17 127 3 17 17 492 5 6 366 4 6
9 365 4 9 328 4 9 18 420 4 12 369 5 12
OUT 3478 36 - 3067 38 - IN 3136 35 - 2651 35 -
- - - - - - - OUT 3478 36 - 3067 38 -
- - - - - - - - 6614 71 - 5718 73 -
1 2 Mens Ladies
par 71 73
yards   6614 5718
par 3's   5 5
par 4's   9 7
par 5's   4 6

Green fee: No pre-booking
Weekday: £40.00 a day
Weekend: £50.00 pm only
Driving range: no
Practice ground: yes
Chipping area: yes
Putting area: yes
Visitors: any day
Societies: Thursdays

Clubs Trolley Buggy Shoes
no £2.00 no no

A selection of clothing and equipment is available

There are PGA pros available for:
Private or group tuition.
Video analysis.

Repairs & Regrip: yes

Handicap facility: yes

On Course: no

Off Course: yes
Licensed Bar

Dress code: Smart casual.

Golf shoes must be worn.

Architect: Harry S. Colt (1929)

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