Gatton Manor Golf & Country Club Gatton Manor Golf & Country Club
Standon Lane, Ockley
Dorking, Surrey RH5 5PQ
Telephone: 01306 627557
Fax: 01306 627713
An interesting and shapely course, with water on 14 holes and good greens.
The first is a 435 yard par 4 with a narrow fairway. Slightly down then uphill to a long narrow two tier green that slopes heavily back to front, with one small bunker front right. There is a large pond to the right about 160 yards from the tee, but it wont often come into play.

Hole two is the shortest on the course, a 144 yard par 3. A wide green with three bunkers across the front and a mean pot bunker back right. The ground falls away sharply at the back and the green is loosely circled with trees.

The third is a 413 yard par 4 left dogleg. Downhill to the corner and two large ponds, then uphill to a small green protected by three bunkers and a big tree left.

Four is another par 3, 174 yards with a large pond across the front of the green. There is a high faced bunker either side of the green which slopes heavily back to front.

The fifth is the first of five par 5's. Slightly uphill then down to a quite large green with just one bunker left and a large tree short and to the right making for a tight approach shot. The green slopes left to right. it's better to chance the bunker than getting stuck behind the tree.

Don't be tempted to hit the driver on six, just get it up near the barbers pole to leave a short iron in. About 120 yards from the green is a massive hollow running down to a stream that cuts in and out, anything going into the hollows tends to find water or very rough ground, leaving a tough shot to the green. Just short and right of the green there's a long bunker sloping hard right to left. There's high ground to the right of the geeen and it falls away sharply on the left to large trees and shrubs.

Hole seven is the logenst par 3 at 187 yards. there is a wide stream weaving across the fairway and a large stand of trees along the right. The large green is sloping heavily towards you, with high ground left and a big bunker right.

The eigth is a 510 yard par 5. It's steeply uphill from the tee and doglegs right about 250 yards out. From there it rises slightly to the green which slopes towards you and has a bunker either side.

Nine is a very tight uphill tee shot widening out at the landing area. A left dogleg 443 yard par 4, so you need a long tee shot to reach this green in two, although it's quite a straight forward approach there's a bunker either side of the green and a steep slope behind. You probably need a cup of tea after this, and there's a well placed halfway house here.

The tenth is a straight forward 178 yard par 3. Flat fairway to a long narrow green that slopes toward you, a large bunker either side and a sharp drop off the back.

Hole eleven will tempt the longer hitter, a 271 yard par 4 dogleg left, down to a winding stream then uphill. There's a large tree on the left corner so you need a slight draw. The green is wider at the back than the front and the narrow front part has a deep bunker both sides.

The twelth is a 377 yard par 4, dogleg left sloping right to left. It's up hill from the tee then downhill, steeply near the green. It's quite open to the right but tightly treelined left. Aim your approach at the large tree on the right and it will roll into the green. The ground falls away sharply left of the green and there is a mean pot bunker at the back.

Thirteen is a left dogleg from the white tee but fairly straight from the red and yellow. There's a small fairway bunker on the right and one more right of the narrow green.

The 176 yard par 3 fourteenth is the only green with out a bunker, but it's surrounded by mounds and there's a wide body of water across the front. It's open on the right with some large trees tight left. The green slopes back to front.

Hole fifteen 553 yard par 5, dogleg right. It has a water filled ditch along the left leading to a large pond at driving distance. The fairway then narrow sharply toward the green, which is flat and wider back than front, with a bunker both side at the front. The ground falls away sharply behind.

The sixteenth is a 432 yard par 4, dogleg left with a tight fairway. There's a large tree on the left corner, so keep right off the tee. The approach is deceptive as there is an unusual ridge in front of the green.

Seventeen is the longest hole on the course, a 585 yard par 5. Its pretty straight and wide, but narrrows sharply near the green as trees pinch in from both sides. The green falls away sharply behind.

The course finishes really well with a 402 yard par 4. It's a tight drive to a fairway sloping and turning right to left.Keep right off the tee for a shot at the green. If you're not long enough you'll have to lay up100 yards out as the fairway falls away sharply to a stream and then rises againto a narrow green with a front bunker both sides. The green is surrounded by trees and the ground falls away heavily on the left. Don't go down there.

There is the most beautiful garden on the right of the 18th green, well worth a few minutes of your time.

A really good course, every hole is special and the greens are a pleasure to putt on.
Hole White Par SI Red Par SI Hole White Par SI Red Par SI
1 435 4 5 384 5 4 10 178 3 15 131 3 18
2 144 3 16 126 3 11 11 271 3 17 247 4 17
3 413 4 4 352 4 2 12 377 4 2 302 4 10
4 174 3 11 114 3 12 13 501 5 14 345 4 9
5 479 5 18 395 5 15 14 176 3 12 124 3 13
6 369 4 1 316 4 1 15 553 5 9 460 5 5
7 187 3 13 132 3 16 16 432 4 6 357 4 6
8 510 5 8 388 5 14 17 585 5 10 462 5 7
9 443 4 7 368 4 8 18 402 4 3 314 4 3
OUT 3154 35 - 2575 36 - IN 3475 37 - 2742 36 -
- - - - - - - OUT 3154 35 - 2575 36 -
- - - - - - - - 6629 72 - 5317 72 -
1 2 Mens Ladies
par 72 72
yards   6629 5317
par 3's   5 5
par 4's   8 8
par 5's   5 5

Green fee: Pre-book
£26.00 a round
£55.00 a day
£12.00 twilight 4pm
Weekend: £34.00 a round
£55.00 a day
£15.00 twilight 4pm
£20.00 a round
£10.00 twilight 4pm
Weekend: £25.00 a round
£12.00 twilight 4pm
Driving range: yes
off grass or mats
£3 for 50 balls
Chipping area: yes
Putting area: yes
Visitors: any day
Societies: weekdays

Clubs Trolley Buggy Shoes
£20.00 £4.00 £25.00 No

A good selection of clothing and equipment is available

There are PGA pros available for:
Private or group tuition.

Repairs & Regrip: yes

Handicap facility: yes

On Course: yes
Hot & Cold Snacks

Off Course: yes
Licensed Bar

Dress code: Smart casual.

Golf shoes must be worn.

Architect: Sir Henry Cotton (1969)

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