Tyrells Wood Golf Club Tyrrells Wood Golf Club
Surrey KT22 8QP
Telephone: 01372 375200
Fax: 01372 360836
A hilly parkland course with extreme slopes and well contoured greens.
The course begins well with a relatively easy 330 yard par 4. It's downhill all the way with a sharp drop two hundred yards or so out, then it's still downhill from there to a wide green with wide bunkers front left and right.

Hole three is a blind up and over with a barbers pole on the top. No need for a driver here, it's only 100 yards or so from the brow to the green and there are two large bunkers in the centre of the fairway about 250 yards out. Dont forget to ring the bell. There are two front bunkers and raised grass mounds edging the contoured green.

The fourth is good par 3 190 yards downhill, there are 3 bunkers to the front, raised ground left and it falls away back and right. The green is very hard to read and your ball can appear to roll uphill.

Six is a tough par four, 445 yard gentle dogleg left with the fairway sloping left all the way and uphill from the apex to the green. The green is two tier, quite long front to back, there are mounds to the right and the ground falls away to the left and back, and a large bunker front left. You clearly need to keep right from the tee.

Hole seven, 533 yards, the first of the two par 5's, doglegs sharp right 400 yards out and the fairway falls off to the right, so you need to keep your tee shot left. Beware the trees on the left, the grass is short enough, not really rough, but there are so many tree trunks if you get amongst them you can only chip out. Another two tier green, wide open at the front, all the trouble is to the sides, so three controlled shots may be preferable to two good whacks.

The eighth is a very attractive hole, 398 yard par 4, downhill to a fairway that widens at the landing area. There are three wide bunkers at the bottom to catch any really long hitters. The green is angled to the right behind two large bunkers. The ground falls away steeply right of the green and there is rough ground left. It's a tough approach especially if the pin is back right.

Ten is great, it runs alongside hole one, 336 yard par 4, steeply downhill, wide fairway, very gentle dogleg right. You can really rip at this one. The green has a large bunker front right and a smaller back left, but you are still above the green, if you're not on it, so any kind of wedge is easy enough. A definite birdy opportunity.
Hole twelve is similar to hole six. A dogleg left, all sloping left and rising to a long three-tier green, a large bunker front left and an extra one back right. This one is a 526 yard par 5 so it's a little easier than hole six.

The thirteenth, a 405 yard par 4, from the tee you are faced with a large stand of trees, left of these would seem the natural shot, thoughtfully there is an arrow to show the fairway turns right. Keep away from the trees on the right, you wont have a shot at the green from there. If you hit a good tee shot you'll see a bunker in front of you after which the ground drops away to a small round green, which you wont see. It's advisable to walk forward and take a look here.

Fourteen is a very attractive hole, par 4, 405 yards downhill, sloping a little right to left. The fairway is cut in two by a row of five bunkers about 220 yards out. A real danger to the higher handicapper, but from the forward tee they are easily carried. There's a bunker either side of the green at the front, but you're looking down so you have a good chance to aim for the pin.

Hole sixteen, a 204 yard par 3, downhill. In front of the green are a pair of ornamental trees very low and wide with a wide bunker between them. You wont likely skuttle one onto this green, which is surrounded back and sides by four bunkers.

The eighteenth is littered with bunkers, five on the fairway and five more around the green, there is a beautiful chinese pine on the right of a row of three bunkers that cut the fairway in two. Slightly downhill left then uphill right to a long green sloping from back left to front right.

The greens here are often hard to get a look at from the fairway being uphill or surrounded by mounds and slopes. Many are on different levels and all are heavily contoured.

There are some beautiful trees around this course, it's worth keeping an eye on the surroundings.
Hole White Par SI Red Par SI Hole White Par SI Red Par SI
1 331 4 17 286 4 18 10 336 4 18 299 4 17
2 354 4 3 338 4 4 11 338 4 10 310 4 7
3 294 4 15 237 4 14 12 510 5 8 490 5 1
4 196 3 9 136 3 16 13 393 4 6 380 4 5
5 352 4 5 329 4 2 14 409 4 2 342 4 11
6 445 4 1 420 5 10 15 299 4 16 268 4 9
7 533 5 11 488 5 6 16 204 3 12 153 3 15
8 398 4 7 371 4 8 17 364 4 4 322 4 3
9 150 3 13 128 3 12 18 377 4 14 311 4 13
OUT 3053 35 - 2733 36 - IN 3257 36 - 2875 36 -
- - - - - - - OUT 3053 35 - 2733 36 -
- - - - - - - - 6310 71 - 5608 72 -
1 2 Mens Ladies
par 71 72
yards   6310 5608
par 3's   3 3
par 4's   13 12
par 5's   2 3

Green fee: no booking, check tee times
£36.00 a round
£50.00 a day
Weekend: members only
Driving range: no
Practice area: yes
Chipping area: yes
Putting area: yes
Visitors: week day
Societies: week day

Clubs Trolley ElectricTrolley
no £2.00 £6.00

A selection of clothing and equipment is available

There are PGA pros available for:
Private or group tuition.
Video analysis.

Repairs & Regrip: yes

Handicap facility: yes

On Course: Sunday only
Hot & Cold Snacks

Off Course: yes
Licensed Bar

Dress code: Smart casual.

Golf shoes must be worn.

Architect: James Braid (1924)

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