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It has a growing reputation for being the best around for Ladies & Seniors golf lessons in London. This is partly due to the fantastic approach of the resident Academy Golf Teaching Professional Gary Ley .You are treated as an individual, not only there to learn how to play the game of golf but he ensures every one is made welcome and in doing so it becomes very enjoyable.

Central London Golf Centre has a covered driving range, 9 hole golf course, three functions rooms,licence bar with food & coffee/tea facilities etc, and free parking for over 90 cars, where else in Central London can you have all of these in one place.
Dec 15th 2013
NAME: Gary Ley
HOME CLUB: Central London Golf Centre
RELATIONSHIP: Professional Golfer

By far the worst managed course I have ever played.

The course will let anyone on despite of the way they are dressed / lack of golf 'etiquette'. They even let 2 guys hire one set of clubs to share?!!

The 2 people in front of us were smoking and the people behind us drinking cans of beer.

Good luck finding somewhere flat where you can tee off from and you may as well leave your putter at home as the greens are the same as the roughs.

Not an enjoyable 3 holes, its all I could take (after 45 minutes) and at times I genuinely feared for my life as golf balls were flying in all directions.........
May 31st 2010

A truly terrible place. The course is very badly maintained and the day we played the rough was strewn with empty cans and bottles. There are animal burrows in some of the bunkers..I am not kidding. And as the holes are very close together and the players generally poor watch out for flying balls.
April 24th 2009
NAME: G. Fen
HOME CLUB: Wyke Green

This course is, as the name suggest, very close to central london and can be an attractive option if you're looking to get a quick round.

Unfortunately, it is very badly managed and poorly maintained.

The greens are in an awful state, the fairways are so tight and close to each other that you need to buy a good insurance before playing there.

The booking system is a joke. When you call to book you are told to just turn up as there is no need to book. When you turn up there however, you are told that the course is fully booked and you have to wait for 2-3 hrs! although there doesn't seem to be many people at the first tee. My friends and I noticed that they are doing this consistently as if to feel important and to make you...feel previliged to get a round, or maybe just to make you spend hours on their ridiculous driving range (shortest you'd ever see in your life).

I used to play there to get a quick practice round but have decided enough is enough. Given the money they are charging they should do better and maybe hire someone competent to sort out the mess.

All in all, keep away from this course. Better alternatives: Richmond or Chiswick 9-hole.
June 5th 2008
NAME: Anonymous

The nearest course to the centre of London is the Central London Golf Club in the wilds of Wandsworth, South London. St Andrews it isn’t, but it’s a compact, "executive nine"-hole course, as the Americans would have it.

The course is not physically demanding, it’s as flat as the Netherlands. And there is space to err on most of the fairways. You can usually play to the green from another fairway. But it’s no sucker, and demands the measure of my 18 handicap to get round in par.

Stray from plumb with your tee shot and there are some awkward little patches to cost you a swipe or two. There is also plenty of out-of-bounds and no few out–of-orders, too, with roads and a school running the length of several holes.

Water on the ninth is always a laugh. Latest evolutionary thinking says man probably evolved in freshwater pools, and not from the sea, (missing links?), and it is to this freshwater that a golfer’s fortunes are so often forced when playing the last of the nine. Wind is a factor; not least your own, I might add, as you become obsessed with MISSING the water, the length is not easy to judge, and there’s a brutal little surrounding hillock to make this hole a testy.

If it all becomes too much before you make it to the excellent facilities and Pro shop, you can play the first again. And if you don’t want to be escorted from the course by Men in White Coats, try not to rant and rave embarrassingly when the second shot veers violently to the left. It will be in the grounds of Springfield psychiatric hospital. And so could you be.
May 18th 2002
NAME: Joe Robinson
HOME CLUB: Central London

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