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Effingham is a typical Surrey wood and heathland golf course with absolutely beautiful views over the Surrey countryside.

If you start at the first hole (they have different tees for three and fourballs at differing times of the day) look out for a hard introduction to the days golf. This is a quite narrow uphill par 5 with out of bounds lurking pretty close on the right side of the fairway and bunkers waiting two thirds of the way up the quite steep approach, this is followed by a nice and relatively short par 4 which can serve to restore your faith in yourself as a golfer, there is however plenty more to come, most of which is waiting to bust a big hole in your confidence.

This really is a wonderful course with a mixture of some shortish and some long par fours, lovely tricky par threes and some truly beautiful par fives none of which are impossible to score on if you are on your game. The course is bordered by a mixture of working farmland on one side and some large detached houses on the other.

Although I played here on what felt like a mid-winters day the course offered some great views which must be spectacular at other times of the year on a clear day.

The Pro shop is very welcoming and staff very helpful and friendly, I however cannot say the same for the club house staff, who came across as rather stand-offish. This may be due to the area this course is in (Darkest Surrey) and the fact that it seems to belong to a bygon era of golf being for the upper classes.
June 5th 2002
NAME: David Matthews
HOME CLUB: Richmond Park

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