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No course map, no rakes in the bunkers, greens were awful, very tough to know which hole to go for on the green when on most there were two holes, no yard markers, and they charge £21.00 for this course.
October 1st 2007
NAME: David Reeves
HOME CLUB: Westerham

So here sthe thing on the one hand quite an easy course - the rough isn't so bad the layout nice and easy... BUT Like its sister across the road this is a great course to learn, to learn how to play the game and later to learn how to put together a score.

The fairways are narrow - very narrow (less than 12 yards wide in most places) and if you want to learn the importance of using your head this is the course for you - similarly the greens which suffer from being a bit slow are in fact small - so clubbing must be exact to within half a club and each of the holes is well protected by greenside bunkers that are - well lets just say that they are best avoided - if for no other reason than the locals have knicked all the rakes!

I like this course - its rough and ready but if you want to really score then you need to shape the ball. If you can do that then sneer at will - if not - you better start learning the game!
September 14th 2007
NAME: Bruce
HOME CLUB: Selsdon Park

On your site it details the driving range.

Problem is it burnt down a year ago and wont be rebuilt for the next few months!

Editor: Thank you Simon
October 13th 2006
NAME: Simon Cripps
HOME CLUB: Addington Court

This is the good beginners course. When I say that, I mean that even if you take 10+ shots a hole.

There are woods about, but there are no terrible hazards midway on holes, so you don't HAVE to aim as such, just head towards the hole.

Most of my friends who've never played golf before enjoy this course because of this.

If you are good enough to have a handicap, you are probably better off going over the road to the Championship course.
June 28th 2005
NAME: Dacre
HOME CLUB: Falconwood - Addington Court

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