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I have wanted to play this course for a while as I was very intreseted to see what an "inland links" course plays like and last week my curiosity was satisfied. I met my playing partner (4 handicap) at the pro-shop and was impressed by the friendly staff, well stocked shop and modern facilites, but was surprised to find that if you want to go to the driving range you have to use your own balls and then go and pick them up! Nice...

We tee'd off with a two ball on the green and a single lady player taking divots all over the fairway (and rough) from the 2 balls she was playing in the greenside bunker. Then we had a three ball behind us who would of made Victor Meldrew seem like Mother Teresa, as at any time we exchanged eye-contact would glare at us thinking that we were holding them up, unaware that we were stuck behind Miss Daisy. This came to a head as we were about to tee off on the 4th hole and one of the old-duffers came up to us and stood on the tee-box and told us to hurry up! Oblivious to the lady 100yards infront of us digging a shallow grave with her 4 iron who would not let us through.

Conclusion: There is no such thing as an "inland links" course especially here as it is flat and boring. Other golfers are rude and unpleasant and I would think twice before handing over £41 for the green fee.

October 15th 2006
NAME: disappointed
HOME CLUB: Richmond

I played this course today on a 12.50pm Teetime on a Friday afternoon in a two ball, I have just got home with the round having taken 5 hours 55 minutes.

There were two ladies groups ahead of us a three ball and a four ball and despite repeated requests to play through we were left waiting for 10-15 minutes on each tee.

The course is very nice and a good test although a little difficult when you are left so frustrated by inconsiderate groups. If you haven't putted the ball in 3 attempts please pick it up and move on...

I spoke to 2 marshalls about the pace of play and the second marshall I asked to play through even missing out a hole but this was not possible. My wife was playing with me so i am not ranting about ladies golf, my wife plays off 25 and plays a good game.

This day out was spoiled by silly marshalls and selfish players. The course is in great shape and has some very interesting holes and I would reccomend playing it, although the marshalls and female members leave a lot to be desired.

The rough is punishing which maybe the problem as the groups in front were taking 7-8 shots to reach a green. I for one will not be returning and will certainly not reccommend anyone play this course in the afternoon.

Editors Note:
This was a special "Ladies Guests Day".
I have played this course many times and have never had such a problem, if anything the members move a bit too fast for me.
June 9th 2006
NAME: Sean Wilson
HOME CLUB: Stockley park

A fabulous course that boasts real challenges on each hole. The open landscape makes for tough golf, but the beauty of the surroundings is the real asset to this club.

It is quite frightening how close to the A3 and the hustle and bustle of nearby Kingston the course is, yet you cannot hear a thing.

The staff and members have always been very welcoming and friendly and making the journey to here has now become a regular occurence.

A unique course that can't be missed.
Dec 9th 2002
NAME: John Williams
HOME CLUB: South Essex

A very demanding parkland come inland links course with what looks like, according to the card yardages, mostly reasonable length par fours, but believe me because of the prevailing wind none of the holes on this course play short or easy, there are trees, but on most holes one side is open to the wind which always seems to be blowing into or nearly into your face.

All the holes are well shaped with a number of doglegs and anyone trying to short-cut these can easily be blown off course, God help those that are blown off the fairway, just reach for that lob wedge and pray!

A great view of the Palace awaits you going down the 14th and there are plenty of Royal Deer to take your mind off the golf if all is not going to plan.

All in all a good very interesting very demanding golf course that will take all your golfing skill and imagination to conquer.
June 4th 2002
NAME: David Matthews
HOME CLUB: Richmond Park

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