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Your course review omits the par 3 18 hole course which may be newer than the website!

This is as it says 18 par 3s and therefore a good test for your short game.
You can also get round in a little over 2 hours providing there are no slow players ahead, if that sort of thing bothers you then go midweek and avoid bank holidays.

The longest, the 18th is 200 yds plus, the rest are mainly in the 100-150 range with a few down at 75-90. You could really test yourself and take one club and a putter but we find it more fun to use the range of irons and try to play precisely.

Opening 9 are through the woods and demand accuracy; closing 9 more parkland style with a couple of tough sloping greens, one where you will putt right off and into the trees if careless. Bunkers on some holes but not all.

In season, beware rabbits I counted over 80 in view at the same time one day last May! They are of course perfectly cute and harmless and don't interfere with your golf, but they have a deviant view of what makes a good fairway, they seem to like holes all the way along not just at the foot of the flag! You could say it's more an 180-hole course than 18-hole! But being all par 3s you should of course be missing out the fairways altogether shouldn't you!
January 3rd 2006
NAME: Paul McFarland

I think a typical course of the Surrey area, decent layout, decent greens and reasonably priced. It has a few 'mickey mouse' holes stuck on to fill the card but balances this with 4/5 holes that are quite testing and enjoyable to play. On this day the greens were quite hard to stay on and also quite fast putting - don't know if this is the norm.

What spoils this, and nearly every course I have played in the Surrey area, is the amount of people that are allowed to play on weekends (also the dreadful standard of some players - but we all start somewhere I suppose)- it seems 'down south' the done thing is too pack as many paying customers on the course as possible without any regard for the 5-6 hour rounds this creates.
July 2nd 2003
NAME: O Mills

This course in the heart of the lovely Surrey countryside (a lot of which can be seen from the fairways) is, to my mind one of the best pay-and-play layouts I have played.

On the day we played there was a nice steady breeze blowing, it seemed, into our faces on every hole making two of the first three holes seem double their already quite considerable length, after that however the course tries to give you something back with some shortish par 4's but don't be lulled into a false sense of security because the rest of the eighteen is waiting to trip you up, and believe me it will!

Altogether a good, well laid out and difficult golf course, good value for money.

The club house is a nice modern building with helpful staff but the feeling is of a clinical atmosphere based on efficiency rather than friendly.
July 2nd 2002
NAME: David Matthews
HOME CLUB: Richmond Park

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