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I played London Scottish/Wimbledon Common as part of a Society Day for the Ladies section of my club.

The course itself is relatively flat but they have tried to maximise the space available and often the pin position and greens make this course a good test of your short game! The course was in a great condition - although doubtless helped by the wet summer. You do need to keep your wits about you playing the course, as often horse riders, dog walkers and joggers will cross your path and have priority.

What spoils London Scottish is the attitude of some of its members. On our day, the behaviour of several older male members of London Scottish who were playing in a competition was appalling. They made derogatory and sexist comments within earshot of us, and when invited to play through they didn't even acknowledge this with any form of thanks. Having spoken to other groups out that day, I found we weren't the only ones to experience this.

A nice course, but to be avoided if you are under 50 or female!
August 3rd 2007
NAME: Emily C

Pretty good value. Greens in excellent condition for the time of year (very early June). I feel that you'd get more out of this course if you'd visited a few times and really got to know it. It's extremely unforgiving for wayward shots, with near impentrable brambles and woodland on either side of the fairway for most of the holes. If you do visit and you have a high handicap, take a load of spare balls with you. This course'll find out every single flaw in your game.

In short: atmospheric old course; lovely greens; holes aren't too long; not for rank amateurs!
June 2nd 2005
NAME: R. Scott

Disappointed with this course. Although greens were in very good shape for winter conditions, I was expecting more mown fairway rather than just the patchy grass found on wimbledon common.

Also very poor signage between holes, and very poor tees (all but 2 of the tees were temporary, and these were rubber mats barely wide enough to stand on without having one foot off).

Although a cheaper alternative to some nearby courses, I think its worth paying the extra money to play a proper golf course.
January 15th 2005
NAME: Jim Johnston
HOME CLUB: New Zealand

I have been playing this course regularly for the past 20 years. Although short by today's standards, it is a thinking golfers course. With 3 par 3's over 220 yards and 2 long par 4's, it is a real test for the 12 and over handicapper. On a calm day provided one is driving well, it may seem a little easy at times, but when the prevailing south westerly wind blows, a driver is needed to get anywhere near 2 of the longer par 3 holes. If a nor/nor easterly blows at over 20 miles an hour, then the trouble really starts! In inclement weather, the greens on this course are among the finest to be found within 20 miles of London - they are still fast and tricky in the depths of winter, and are cut every morning providing the weather allows. For the first time, the Conservators have given permission to define the fairways, this has improved the course no end, and in addition the greenkeepers have grown a crescent shaped section of longer grass in front of either side of most greens, often preventing the use of the chip and run/Texas wedge from in front of most greens. Couple this with the links feel fairways and very few places that one is allowed a free drop makes this course a great value for money day out.

The facilities at both London Scottish and Wimbledon Common clubhouses are very good - please remember that you must remove your red top at Wimbledon Common Clubhouse after 11 am. If you do not have a pillar box red top they are available for hire at £2.

If you need help with your game then the professional at Wimbledon Common, Jeff Jukes, played on the European Tour and is a very good coach, and his charging rate is less than half of the majority of coaches. (a 3 hour playing lesson will set you back less than £50).

Finally, when playing this course, you can (and should) leave the driver in the bag on at least 10 of the holes, unless you want to drill holes in silver birches, conifers and holly trees! (and you won't believe when out that you are only 8 miles from the West End!)
January 29th 2002
NAME: Noel Sharman
HOME CLUB: Richmond Park Dukes/Princes

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