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Ok, so its not exactly Augusta, and if you go on a Saturday morning book a four ball or just get there before 7am. It has a lot of beginers and old people but on a nice day mid week it is a pleasant round. I did it in 2 hrs 45 mins the other day. The staff there have their own ways but it can be a bit of crack. I prefer Dukes, the bottom course. Drive it straight or sometimes your are looking at a provisional. the rough can be a bit heavy. Worth a mid week round or if you don't mind wet weather at the weekend. Beginers generally don't so its a quiet course. watch out for the geese!!! they can be a bit angry.
October 5th 2007
NAME: Brian
HOME CLUB: Anywhere

Shocking, from arrival. Having booked ahead 2 x 3 balls, I was told they were adding 2 singles to our teetime, then was abused when turning down this option. Then it took over 5 hours to get round. It's an okish short course. I will not be returning.
November 19th 2006
NAME: Dave

I think it is a very good well kept course, I have played there a few times and it was great. The greens are not that good, but are good enough. It is a very nice local course overall.
June 28th 2005
NAME: Alladin
HOME CLUB: Richmond

What an awful awful golf course. I can't find one good thing to say about it. From the absorbing views of the Roehampton Estate to the rugged fairways and badly seeded greens. The course is full of chavs and the first 3 holes took near enough an hour to complete. I hated it and wouldn't go back if you paid me. This is simply a course that has been chucked together on a piece of land with very little design thought.

Editors note:
It's true this course has not been well looked after for sometime now, but it has been recently taken on by new management and is now being brought up to scratch. As for the little design thought, although a little short for big hitters, it is still a playable course especially if played from the white tees, with up and downhills and tricky par 3's. The 7th and 16th are challenging enough to ruin plenty of good scores.
April 13th 2005
NAME: Tiger Woods

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