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Have played this course a number of times, but won't be playing here again. It has some of the slowest golf I have ever come across, with 6 hour rounds becoming a regular feature. Even during the week it is unusual not to get through in less than 5 hours. It's a case of a slightly difficuly course played by many ordinary golfers.

March 24th 2004
NAME: Michael

A lovely, challenging golf course.

First six holes are situated in picturesque woodland, not too tight, but absolutely charming. The next 10 could be a seen as rather souless in comparison, but still offers a real test. The terrain is a little more open and hilly. The 11th is a monster (600yds+ from the whites) and requires at least two good shots to even come close to holding par.

The last two are what most players remember. The par 3 17th is a shot over the lake to a reasonable green and the par 4 18th, requires a straight fairway shot and then a 80-100yd shot back over the same lake. The 18th green is situated in front of the bar/clubhouse and the cheers you can hear around the course are from the patrons watching the numerous balls hitting the water. Great fun.

It's a great course, fantastic facilities and a really nice atmosphere. Worth every penny. Go enjoy.

March 24th 2004
NAME: Trevor Rudge

I've been to Silvermere a couple of times now, and have enjoyed it every time.

I find the first 6 holes are all very similar, accurate tee shots are crucial.

The other side of the road is the same in that accurate tees shots are very important, allthough i found it a little more forgiving. The Par 3s are the ones to get your score down on, they're all fairly simple.

Then onto the infamous 17th and 18th, I love the 17th, great fun, an island green, inspired! Then the 18th, almost the same brilliance, the tee shot has to be precise, usually a 5 iron to the bank, then a tricky pitch over water and under pressure from the onlookers at the restaurant.

To be honest the course isn't the best around, but considering it's pay to play, the value is great, and the 17th and 18th holes are my favourite holes i have ever played!
September 6th 2005
NAME: Will

A very good course, one of the best I've played in Surrey. There are some very good dog legs to test any golfer, whether you 28 or a 2 handicap.

Although its a good course, you can find it a bit slow, they need someone to go round to try and stop slow play, other than that a very good all round course.

Editors note: It must have been a weekend round. I have never found it slow.
August 14th 2005
NAME: Peter Worsfold

One of the finest pay 'n' play courses for miles around, Silvermere is a great test for any golfer although perhaps a bit too demanding for beginners.

The first six are all tree-lined and make up one of my favourite runs of holes anywhere I've played. The more open middle 10 holes are often overlooked but many are difficult and require distance off the tee and accurate approach shots. The S-shaped 600 yard 10th hole is very satisfying (or maddening, depending on how you play it) and there are plenty of others that tantalise and challenge. 17 and 18 are a par 3 and 4 played across the lake that gives the course its name and to walk off with two pars, or even a 3-3 as I did once, is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Despite having played to single figures a few times, I still regard my 12-over 83 that I shot there in 1997 as one of my best ever rounds.
September 7th 2004
NAME: Richard Eggleton
HOME CLUB: Fulwell

Played at Silvermere for the first time last Saturday and had a great time - so much so that all 3 of us have signed up for membership.

I agree that the first 6 and last 2 holes are the most impressive though the middle section does give you more of an opportunity to get the woods out of the bag.

The feeling you get sitting next to the lake with your pint knowing you played the last 2 well is well worth the cost!
August 25th 2004
NAME: Seumas Grey
RELATIONSHIP: recent member

Played the course last week (19th May 2004) for the first time. The overall condition of the tees, fairways and (most of) the greens was very impressive indeed. The contrast in the type of holes provided feels rather peculiar, but it seems to work.

If you are, like me, a reasonably long hitter off the tee, do yourself a favour, leave your woods in the bag for the first few holes! You will be crucified if you get too greedy! (Note to self..long irons off the tee is ok sometimes!)

Overall, you will go home satisfied, if not frustrated, by what Silvermere has to offer. And the 17th and 18th will be forever etched in your memory! One final thought...take lots of balls with you! That said, I can't wait to go back.
May 27th 2004
NAME: Campbell Ferrier

It is a very good course for players with quite low handicaps like my self, but also challenges better players with a single number handicap.
July 14th 2002
NAME: Daniel
HOME CLUB: Silvermere

Silvermere Golf Course is really two courses in one, with the first six holes being reasonably tight and tree lined, but once across the road the difference is somewhat startling.

The next eleven holes give the you the impression that you've taken a wrong step somewhere, the look and feel of the course is completely different to the first six.This part is set on a more open piece of countryside and is more forgiving to the wayward golfer, don't get me wrong I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this part of the course, the owners have obviously done and are doing a lot of work on it and have got rid of a lot of boggy ground by putting through the middle of the course a more defined stream. This, together with the fairly recently planted trees, which now are starting to fill out, helps to make the course a very fair test of golf for the average amateur including those among us who play off single figures.

The last two holes change back to the mature tree lined fairways of the first six, with the last having been changed from a fairly innocuous little par four into what could be a card wrecker and all because someone (probably an evil hearted green keeper) decided to move the green out into the lake, this means having to guide your tee shot to precisely the right position in the fairway to hit the second shot through a gap in the trees and hopefully onto the green.
June 7th 2002
NAME: David Matthews
HOME CLUB: Richmond Park

Having played this course twice, both times in the autumn/winter, I cannot wait to get back in the summer!

The first 7 holes are brilliant, but hollowed tined greens and very wet fairways detracted a little from the natural beauty of the course.

Although the last 11 holes are parkland and a little more open, straight driving and well placed 2nd/3rd shots are essential.

Considering the cost, a good days golf.
January 31st 2002
NAME: Noel Sharman
HOME CLUB: Richmond Park Dukes/Princes

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