Putt to Win
From the Back Cover
Putt To Win! is a unique guide to better putting. Brad Faxon and Dr. Bob Rotella teach you how to putt more consistently and make critical putts. They demonstrate the practice techniques and games Brad and other PGA Tour Pros use to keep their putting skills at the highest level. Doc and Brad show you how to develop the mindset of the best putters at he highest level. Doc and Brad show you how to develop the mindset of the best putters on Tour. Together, they will teach you a way of thinking and practising that will work when facing the highest levels of competitive pressure.

Dr. Bob Rotella: Doc is the leading Sports Psychologist in the world today. Dr. Rotella spends most of this time working with professional golfers on all recognized U.S. and World Tours. Six of the top ten putters on the PGA Tour are on the Rotella client list. They have been taught with the same philosophies and techniques you will learn on the Putt To Win! DVD. His philosophies and strategies for improving your putting can be utlized by players at all levels of the game.

Brad Faxon: A marque player on the PGA Tour, Brad has long been recognized as one of professional golf’s leading putters. As a senior at Furman University, Faxon was a First Team All-American and was chosen NCAA Golfer-of-the-Year in 1983. Since joining the PGA Tour he has earned membership on the 1995 and 1997 Ryder Cup teams. Brad is a five times winner on the PGA tour, and has also won the Australian Open.

Chapter Points:
1. Opening
2. Intro to Brad and Bob Programme
3. Toss and Catch Game
4. Look and Shoot
5. Nine Ball Game
6. Many Club Game
7. Using Your Instinct Game
8. Putt To Make Game
9. Speed
10. Pre-Shoot Routine
11. Outro

50 mins approx