Fusion Software : Custom Play Golf (PC)
Manufacturer's Description

Create, Play, Communicate

CustomPlay Golf is the first game to focus on creating and playing your own golf course.


The CustomPlay editor allows you to quickly and easily customise every aspect of your own golf courses.

Create an 18 hole golf course across a 2.5 million square plot.

If you don't like it, change it editor allows you to customise the surface, layout, hazards, elevation, sky, weather, physics etc.

Import your own textures, models and sound effects. Create-a-character allows you to create your own in-game player with a unique club set, identity, playing style and abilities.


Immerse yourself in realistic golf gameplay that offers traditional 3-Click and Mouse Swing control.

Game modes include driving range, play course, tournament, pitch and putt and multi-player offline and online modes.

Play the game from a first person perspective and walk around your course.

Powerful Random Hole Generator enables you to create new holes in a couple of seconds.


Join the CustomPlay Golf community and share courses, textures and objects.

Download free assets, add-ons and more from the CustomPlay Golf website.

PlayMail allows you to email a playable demo of any of your holes to your friends.

Customer Reviews

Reviewer: A gamer from Wales
It is a little unfair to compare this game with Tiger Woods. We should remember that the Tiger Woods game is built on an old golf game and is already on its 5th? 6th? outing as Tiger Woods. The impressive thing about CPGolf - is the support and continual improvement of the game. There is a feature called "CustomUpdate" which has already updated the game twice since release. I recommend that after buying this game you get the patch which adds the CustomUpdate feature. If the improvements that have been made so far are anything to go by, then this game has the potential to be even better than Tiger Woods.

Reviewer: A gamer from United Kingdom
This game looks good on paper but it just doesn't have the polish or any of the play refinements that other recent golf games do. The course designer is very nice, but once you actually start playing a round you get the feeling that the game is unfinished.

The ball dynamics don't feel right, the shot camera is often behind a tree so you don't see your ball, there is no shot preview, no commentators, and worst of all after every shot you have to click a continue button. This is a cardinal sin of game design, and it soon becomes a real drag to play.

I wonder why this game was released as it doesn't compare with the Tiger Woods games in any way apart from the course designer.

Simply put, if you own Tiger Woods 2004 or 2005 then don't bother with this game.

Reviewer: A gamer from Hamilton
As a fan of other PC golf titles (not that there are many) I bought this one with little prior knowledge. I am glad I did. This is so different from any of its competitors since the focus here is on creating your own golf course. The tools that allow you to do this are very easy to pick up. Almost everything is done with the mouse. For example, press the space bar, draw a shape and then it asks what you want i.e. "Fairway", "Bunker", "Rough", "Lake", etc. Once you have drawn the shape you can then move it, change it (via "Control Points") and set the properties. So, in the case of a lake - you can set the colour of the lake, how reflective the water is and how murky it is.

The editor is split into 3 sections - the first lets you draw the shapes for each hole. The second lets you set the relief of the terrain. This is done via a grid where each grid point can be moved up and down. There are tools to allow you to create smooth hills or sharp cliff faces or you can just "randomise" the entire grid. The third layer lets you fiddle with the environmental factors such as cloud cover, sky colour, sun colour, wind, rain, gravity, air pressure, etc.

At any time during the creative-process you can "Test" or "Play" your work-in-progress. This allows you to walk around your golf holes and decide if you are completely happy with it.

The game comes with more than 10 courses to play immediately out-of-the-box. One or two of these are stunning. My personal favourite is called "El Cortante". The attention to detail in this course is incredible. Not just from a graphical point of view but also from a golf point of view.

Graphically, CustomPlay Golf has some really nice touches - when the sun goes behind the clouds, it gets darker and the shadows fade away. The trees blow in the wind and their shadows follow them. However, some parts of the game look a little dated - particularly the characters. Compared to other PC titles - these guys look a bit simple.

There is one feature I have to mention and that's "PlayMail". This lets you e-mail a playable version of a hole that you create to anyone. I tested this by creating a silly little hole and then sending it to myself and I was impressed with what I got. A completely stand-alone game that allows you play the hole over and over again.

I have only had the game for 3 days and I don't think I have seen everything it has to offer - I haven't tried any of the other online stuff yet. The game has a few problems but hopefully they will all be fixed in a patch. From what I have seen though, I can recommend this game to anyone who likes golf games, or likes the idea of creating their own golf course.