GameTrak & Real World Golf (PC)
Reviewer: Saintlysloth from Southampton, Hampshire
Clearly the Kerry Flitter is a fantastic golfer and does not need a game like this to aid handicap improvement!

I thought this was fantastic. It really gets you off of your seat and playing the game. OK so the exercise isnt quite as great as if you were wandering miles around the golf course but if you fancy doing a 20min jog between holes then thats up to you. This is a brilliant piece of technology and might actually convince me to take up golf.

It is a must for begginers who do not fancy going out in the pouring rain and contrary to certain other reviews can actually be quite good for those players who are of greater ability. Definately worth the money and I may buy one of the other games for use with the gametrak console when they become available.

Buy it now!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Kerry Flitter from Maldon, Essex United Kingdom
I put the difficulty rating straight onto the hardest level but found this way too easy and broke par in my first round - too many shots are 110% power and 100% contact at this level - it`s actually really difficult NOT to hit everything at 110% power.

On the other hand if you DO miss slightly and get 90% contact - the ball goes about 50 yards (with a driver).

I tried to hit some deliberate slices and hooks and I didn`t think it replicated it that well, that said, it`s still a refreshing attempt at something different and will no doubt improve in later versions.

I didn`t think much of the spelling mistakes either, there`s no excuse for that.