Golf Resort Tycoon II (Xplosive Range)(PC) 

Manufacturer's Description

Eat! Sleep! Golf!

It's a sickness, but one you can't live without. Golf Resort Tycoon II allows you the chance to develop, design, build, play, and customize your very own golf community! Live the life you always dreamed by being the king of your won golf empire Today!

Ever dreamt about building your won golf course? Now is your chance to show the world your skills. Build your course with harrowing Par 3s, challenging Par 4s and gut-wrenching Par 5s! No hacks allowed here!

You better loosen up on the range because you'll be playing your masterpiece when it's finished... and you don't want to play on some goat track, do you?

Develop five-star resorts where there once was a parking lot. The public knows golf, so if your resort isn't up to PAR--you'll be left carrying the bags!